Krishna Nand - English

Krishna Nand first time in the Czech Republic

Krishna Nand is an Indian yoga teacher who lives and teaches yoga in one of the holy Indian cities - Uttarakashi, which is located at the foot of the Himalayas .

He occasionally leads workshops even around the world, such as in Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Israel and other countries. This year in June he also stopped for a few days in the Czech Republic.

We had fine lessons of gentle yoga with a sensitive individual approach of the perfect teacher who is able to tune to the needs of his students, even when he meets them for the first time. Songs dedicated to Indian gods and especially to the Ganges, on whose bank Krishna lives and is connected to, left no heart indifferent. During the full day workshop in Prague, we enjoyed a small picnic lunch which was a great oportunity for a friendly chat that none of the participants will forget. We agreed that the contacts are so strong that it is necessary for Krishna to come again next year and we could continue with practising yoga and pranayama and our friendship.

For those who don’t want to wait until next year, they can visit Krishna and practise yoga at his guest house which is about 80 km from the place where one of the springs of the Ganges River flows from the glacier.


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